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My Advocare Story

Unlike a lot of other blogs out there, I will not be filling this page with Advocare weight loss success stories, instead I will focus only on my personal experience with Advocare.

For the majority of my life I have been in pretty good physical shape, from an early age I was always involved in multiple sports and considered myself to be an active person.

As high school ended and my life as a working professional began I quickly became less and less active and just as the activity slowed down the weight began to pile on.

I graduated high school at a lean mean 185 pounds and was in the best shape of my life.

Fast forward four years, I was now 4 years into my career as a warehouse manager and graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in business management.

I worked as many as three jobs at a once to pay for college and to save for my first house.

I have always been a big dreamer and most of the time I accomplish whatever I set my mind to, but it seemed that staying in shape and keeping my weight under control was not a focus for me when I was going through college and working my life away.

I graduated college at a whopping 282 pounds, almost 100 pounds more than I was just 4 years earlier.

Everything was going great at this point, I had graduated college, bought my first house, had a great job, found the love of my life and was really happy with every aspect of my life, except one.

My weight and overall wellness.

I knew I had to do something quick or I would be at a point where getting back on track would be extremely difficult, so I began traveling down the road to improving my health and fitness.

It was a very rocky road that involved a lot of unexpected turns and detours (aka excuses) that ultimately lead to me being exactly where I started one year later, 280 pounds and no clue how I was going to turn things around.

I tried everything under the sun to get some positive results on the scale, most were quick fix solutions that worked for a couple of weeks then right back where I was 2 weeks later.

I could never find anything that I liked and would work for me so I never put any real effort in making the changes I needed to make to get to my goals.

Until one day at work, a co-worker let me try an Advocare Spark.

That day would forever change my life.

I immediately felt the energy I had been missing from my daily routine and knew that if there was a way to get that energy everyday, I would be able to take that walk after work, spend 30 minutes in the gym or whatever else I needed to do to start getting some of my weight off.

After I had my first Spark, the next day I wanted another so I bought a box of Spark from my co-worker.

I really liked the energy and mental focus that Spark gave me, but what I loved the most was that it wasn’t a rush of energy, more like a steady stream of energy that gave me that little bit of extra I needed.

I can remember most days when I told myself I would go to the gym after work, but the end of the shift came and I only had enough energy left in the tank to go home grab dinner, relax and watch some tv, go to bed and do the same thing the next day.

With Spark, I had just that little bit more energy I needed to start going to the gym after work, even if only for a 30 minutes, it was better than what I had been doing.

I believe most people are in the same situation, they want to get healthy and do the right thing, but they need just a little bit more energy to make it happen.

Spark made me a believer that Advocare was something worth taking seriously so when my co-worker gave me a brochure for the Advocare 24 Day Challenge I knew that this could be the diet plan I needed to kick-start my weight loss plan.

I didn’t immediately buy it, I thought it was too expensive and really wasn’t sure if it was for me, I needed to do some more research and think it over.

That night I Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review and read story after story of people who had amazing success using this diet plan, sure I read a few negatives but overall I had a really good feeling about the challenge.

I ordered my first challenge the next day, back then you did not get many options as far as customizing your challenge bundle so I ordered the standard bundle with the mocha shakes and max C mns.

This was the first systematic plan I had ever tried to lose weight, normally for me it was just counting calories or restricting carb intake, which never got me anywhere.

I struggled to get through the first couple of days on the challenge because I had developed an addiction to junk foods and foods I knew were bad for me, not to mention I wasn’t able to have the 2 or 3 cans of cherry Pepsi I normally had each day.

The cleanse was exactly what I needed to kick me in the pants and show me that I could beat obesity and reclaim my life.

Half way through the cleanse I remember getting on the scale for the first time since starting the challenge and seeing that I had already lost 5 pounds, that’s a pound a day!

The max phase is where I really realized how strong my addiction to food really was.

I was surprised that I really wasn’t that hungry throughout the day even though I was consuming far fewer calories each day but it seemed that everywhere I went temptations followed.

Pot luck lunches at work, donuts by the coffee maker in the morning, it really seemed like the was a new test around every corner just waiting for me to cheat, but I stayed strong and kept reminding myself why I was doing this.

I finished my first challenge down 14 pounds and had more energy than I had in year.

While I didn’t maintain my pound a day average I saw in the first 5 days, I did lose almost 5 pounds a week, which to me is pretty impressive.

So now I have tried Spark and all the products in the 24 Day Challenge and all of them taste great, (well all but one, dang Citrus Fiber Drink) and were highly effective.

I was hooked on Advocare products at that point.

Over the next 6 months of using the products I was able to lose a total of 40 pounds and better than the weight loss was the energy I had and how great I felt everyday.

Success With Advocare

When I found out that Advocare offered a business opportunity that rewarded me for sharing these awesome products and my story with others I quickly joined and began sharing my success story with anyone and everyone.

I now take Advocare products on a daily basis, my favorite products are:

  • Advocare Spark – Grape and Watermelon are my favorites
  • Advocare MNS Max 3
  • Advocare Catalyst
  • Advocare Slam
  • Advocare Arginine Extreme

As I am approaching my overall weight loss goal I am really beginning to focus more on toning my body and developing my muscle strength so I will be adding a few products from the performance elite line to my daily Advocare product regimen soon.

I am so excited about my future with Advocare and know that Advocare is going to be the vehicle that helps me reach my health and financial goals and would love to tell you more about how Advocare can help you reach your goals so you can finally live life on your terms.

My life has been forever changed by Advocare, I am so grateful for the opportunity they have provided for me.

I have been able to accomplish and do things I never thought were possible just a year ago and I know that if you gave Advocare a try, you too will be amazed by what you can accomplish.

I would love to share more about my Advocare story with you or answer any questions that you may have about the products or the business opportunity, you can contact me anytime.

Email: jwoitena1@gmail.com

Phone: 706-412-9921

Skype: jwoitena

Thanks again for stopping by my Advocare blog, I look forward to hearing from you.

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