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Advocare Distributors wanted

How many times have you heard or seen that?

Probably a lot if you are searching for information on the Advocare business opportunity.

There are hundreds of Advocare Distributors out there, so how do you know who to join with?

I will tell you this from experience, who you join under can play a huge role in your success or failure.

While you will be doing most of the heavy lifting, you sponsor will be your success coach, and should give you the advice you need to get the most out of your Advocare business.

This page will show you how you can separate yourself from the crowd and actually become a successful Advocare distributor.

If you are like me, you are not into the whole house party, three way calls and harassing friends and family thing and you just want a way to market and grow your Advocare business and still be invited to the family reunions.

Advocare Distributor

I am Justin Woitena, Advocare Distributor and product user.


Advocare is a very unique and exciting business opportunity for many reasons.

  • In demand products
  • Discounts from 20% all the way to 40%
  • Open to anyone and affordable to join
  • The Debt Buster Program
  • Company advertising helps spread the word for you
  • 5 ways to earn money
  • Meet new people

If you already use Advocare products, then I don’t need to tell you how awesome they are.

I personally use several Advocare products each day including Spark, Catalyst, MNS 3, meal replacement shakes and several products in the performance elite line.

By far my two favorites are Spark and Omegaplex, but I have had great success with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and Advocare herbal cleanse.

I could really go on and on about how much I love the Advocare product line, but that is not what you here for, is it?

Nope, you came to find out if Advocare is a good business to join and how I can help you get the most out of it.

Become an Advocare Distributor

It is only $79 (plus tax and shipping) to become a Advocare distributor and get your Advocare starter kit.

The Advocare starter kit contents include $50 is Advocare products, business forms, distributor information, a personal Advocare web-store to send customers to and your Advocare discount.

All new Advocare distributors start off at the 20% level, you have the potential to increase that to 40% through sales volume.

Many people just become distributors for a discount on their personal purchases, others use the discount but also take advantage of the amazing income opportunity with Advocare.

With Advocare you have the ability to earn money 5 different ways:

  • Retail sales profits (up to 40% depending on your discount level)
  • Wholesale Commissions
  • Overrides
  • Leadership Bonuses
  • Incentives, Trips and Pay Period Bonuses

Retail Profits – all basic level distributors earn 20% commissions on retail product orders up to $499.

If your orders total $500-$1,500 you earn 25% commissions

If your orders total over $1,500 you earn 30% commissions

To get to the 40% discount level, otherwise known as Advocare Advisor level you need to do at least $3,000 in retail volume within 3 pay consecutive periods.

Becoming an advisor, also known as a business builder, opens up a world of opportunity with Advocare, you will be able to take advantage of team overrides, leadership bonuses as well as many other incentives.

Many people who are serious about growing their business buy the $3,000 in retail product as soon as they become a distributor and get the 30% discount so they get the full discount when they make future sales.

Wholesale Commissions

As an Advocare distributor you can earn wholesale commissions up to 20% on the sales of the distributors you personally recruit into the business.

This will all be in addition to the commission you will be earning on your personal sales volume.

As you can see there really is the potential to grow your business exponentially with the Advocare distributor opportunity.

Overrides, Leadership Bonuses, Incentives

You can also earn override commissions and leadership bonuses on your entire team organization, from 3-19%.

Advocare knows the success of the company lies in the hands of the Advocare distributor who proudly use and promote the products, they are also dedicated to their distributor’s success.

Advocare gives many incentives to high performing Advocare distributors, including bonuses and trips to name a few.

Probably the one benefit that separates Advocare from all the rest is the award winning Debt Buster program.

This system is free for all distributors and it is a proven system that not only teaches you the principles of debt, money and how to invest but it actually shows you the best way to use a portion of your Advocare earnings to become debt free in the shortest time possible.

Any network marketing company can pay you commissions on sales but Advocare goes the extra mile and offers programs like this so you can improve your financial wellness while you are improving your nutritional wellness with the products,  you can sign up to become a Advocare distributor here.

how to become a advocare distributor

How To Sell Advocare Products Online

So you have already heard what an Advocare distributor is and the many benefits of becoming one, now let shift gears and talk about how you will be marketing these great products and amazing business opportunity.

Now there are two ways you can do this, old school and new..

Old School Direct Sales Methods

This is the way that many Advocare sponsors teach heck even Advocare themselves still believe firmly in the follow methods.

The old school method is kind of like door to door sales, you remember the vacuum cleaner salespeople that use to knock on the door and try and get you to let them demonstrate how their vacuum works?

Ok sorry, its not really like that but that is what I think of when I think about selling anything using these methods.

People who follow the traditional direct sales methods would typically:

  • Make a list of everyone they know including family and friends, call, write, email them and try to convince them to buy products or join their team.
  • Invite a bunch of people over to their house for a home party and show off and demonstrate the product line and give a business opportunity presentation.
  • Try to get potential new recruits in a three way call with their high pressure sponsor who will try and close the deal.
  • Living by the 3 foot rule, whereas you strike up a conversation with anyone who comes within 3 feet of you and tell them about your products and the opportunity you are involved in.
  • Any other marketing method that involves selling directly, face to face.

If you cannot tell already I am not a huge fan of this method but don’t let me mislead you, these methods still work great and many distributors use only these methods to generate substantial incomes.

New School Direct Sales Methods

The ways mentioned above are completely different than the methods used by the new school direct sales marketers.

These savvy folks know that most of the world’s population is now connected to the internet and that they use this technology to not only socialize but to shop and research various work at home opportunities.

Ok I want you to stop reading for a second.

Just do a rough estimate in your head of how many people you know that you could potential market Advocare to, got your number?

How big was it, 20, 50, 100, 300 wow 500!!

I did this when I was first signing up for Advocare and I could have made my list, wrote a sales script and made all the phone calls in under an hour.

Ok now, of that list, how many do you think will actually buy something or join in with you.

Remember these are the same family members who are constantly calling you to borrow money or to complain about how they have no money.

Even if you have a lot of people to market Advocare, why would you ever sell yourself short like that?

The internet is a 24/7/365 marketing machine, you do the work to get you message out there and if you do it right people will find that message over and over, round the clock.

The new school method to me just makes more sense because you are doing work one time and getting rewarded over and over.

Take for instance this blog for example, how did you find it?

If I had to guess it was probably through a search engine search, forum I am a member of or any of the many social media sites I actively participate on.

Do you think you are the only one who found my site, no there are hundreds of visitors each day who come here to get more information on Advocare products and the business opportunity.

I could never have called or three foot ruled that many people in one day, and the best part is, more and more people will continue coming to my site each and every day.

To me that sounds like a better way to market Advocare, a better way to do marketing for just about anything.

I know what many of you are probably thinking, I can barely get on Facebook,  and this Twitter thing, Forgetaboutit!!

That’s were a good Advocare Coach comes in.

Advocare Distributor

An Advocare sponsor, the distributor you sign up under, is going to show you simple and effective methods to market Advocare online through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

How to make killer Youtube videos that have viewers ready to whip out their credit cards and even how to set up a high powered website, something like the one you are on now.

They will show you how to build a list of leads for your business then how to build relationships with the people on your list.

These are just some of the many things a “good” Advocare sponsor/coach will do for their team.

I will warn you though, not all sponsors do these things, some will contact you when you join, if they do that, then you never hear from them again, so be careful when selecting a your Advocare distributor coach.

This is the part where I normally would say something like, “if you have any questions leave them in the section below”, but I feel I should at least tell you where you can find an Advocare sponsor that will do all these things for you.

I mean that would be awful of me to tell you all these great things that I do for my team,  a good Advocare distributors sponsor does for their team members and then leave it on you to go find someone like that.

Others may claim to be the best or have the “secret formula” to making the most money, yeah yeah anyone can claim anything I guess.

I go the extra mile for my team whether than is detailed training lessons, access to me through email, phone, skype, or in the private training webinars I hold for my team members every week.

The choice on who you join with is completely up to you, I would love to have you on my team but I won’t twist your arm.

If you want to join me and my team, you can sign up to become a Advocare distributor here.

advocare distributors

If you have any additional comments or questions, please leave them in the section below.

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Take control over your future today, become an Advocare Distributor today here

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