Advocare Distributors Success Tips

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Today I wanted to provide, what I feel are the most important steps you can take to achieve Advocare success.

Are you struggling to get anything going in your Advocare business and need a little help?

Often the distributors who are working hard but not seeing any results are just missing one or two pointers that is going to set their business on fire.

If this describes your business you will be glad you found this page as I am going to share several Advocare Distributors Success Tips to help you get started on the right path.

Advocare Distributor Success Tips

Advocare Distributors Success Tips

I will get you started with a few of the top Advocare success strategies and come back and either add more to this post or create a part 2 to add additional action steps you can implement in your business to increase leads and sales.

#1 – Always lead with value

There are so many “me too” marketers out there who simply provide the same information that your potential customers can get from anyone or on any website.

What you have to do is differentiate yourself, the customer is looking for a solution to their specific problem, either has a health need or a business need, and your job is to give them value, show them you have the solution to their specific problem.

A good example would be, if you had a customer who was struggling with low energy levels, don’t just say ” You need Advocare Spark”, any Advocare distributor can do that, what you should do instead is show them several steps they can take to increase their energy.

Prove to them that you are not just looking to make a quick buck and actually care about their problem, you will be amazed at how much stronger your relationship will grow with that customer once they know that they have found someone who is actually concerned about them and not just pushing products.

You can then introduce them to Spark, possibly give them a sample to try out and a business card.

You will be amazed how many more sales you will get once they know that out of all of the Advocare distributors they could buy from, you are the one who took the time to not only listen to their problem, provided them with a solution and recommended a product that would actually solve their problem quickly.

This same principle would hold true if you were going to build a personal website that promoted  your Advocare business, always lead with value, you want to be the place to come for information on Advocare products and/ or business.

Sure you there are going to be pages on your website that will promote the products and the business opportunity but the majority of the content you create should instead be to help others find solutions to their problems.

This is probably one of the quickest Advocare distributor success tips I can share with you.

Leave me a comment below if you have any questions on how you can lead with value.

#2 – Develop Relationships

Get to know your customers and your team members on a personal level by having conversations and asking questions.

This will strengthen your relationship and often times can lead to a lifelong relationship.

You customers can buy from you today and buy from someone else the next time, but if you have taken the time to really get to know that customer, the odds are they will return to you for all of their future purchases.

Try to get birthdays and make sure you send them a card, email or something letting them know you remembered their special day.

Little things can have big impacts and lead to a lot of Advocare success.

Advocare Success

#3 – Keep Commitments

This one is really easy and there is not much to say other than, if you say you are going to do something, do it!!

If someone told me they were going to do something and then they didn’t, I would second guess ordering from them again.

You will never get another chance to make a great first impression, this is probably one of the easiest Advocare success tips I can give you.

#4 – Continue Your Education

The odds are most new Advocare distributors think that just because they signed up and purchased the Advocare Distributor’s kit that they will instantly start making money in their business.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way, you actually have to work your business and constantly learn new skills that will make you a better Advocare distributor.

I see people in Advocare and in other direct sales business opportunities who make sales and sign up new team members each and every day, you are probably wondering why it is so easy for them and so difficult for you.

I can bet they didn’t start off with instant success either, more than likely they struggled in the beginning but were persistent and as they continued strengthening and learning new skills, their business began to flourish.

Be sure to take the time to visit the Advocare success school and learn the same Advocare success system that top distributors are using.

Advocare Success Tips

#5 – Be Yourself

Personally I feel that this Advocare success tip and leading with value are the single most important pieces of advice I can give you.

Being yourself simply means not pretending your something your not, your customers may be deceived at first but eventually will see through you.

There is a big problem with trying to be someone you are not or telling lies to try to get ahead, you have to remember everything you said so you are not caught in your own lies and deceptive acts.

If you are yourself, you will attract people who you are compatible with and that is when you will really enjoy your Advocare business.

I hope these Advocare success tips helped and you can start taking steps forward in your business.

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