How To Sell Advocare Online

by Justin in Training

You are probably asking yourself the one question that is preventing yourself from achieving success in your Advocare business: How To Sell Advocare Online?

Personally, I feel that harnessing the power of the internet is the smartest and most productive way for you to market and sell Advocare products and build your team.

But Justin, I can barely get on Facebook, how in the heck and I going to run my Advocare business on the internet?

Great question, you will be surprised when I reveal below just how easy it really is.

First, watch this short video which shows some of the ways I am using to sell Advocare online, it should answer a few of those how to market Advocare questions you may have.

So, as you can see there are many ways you can market and sell Advocare online, but as a new distributor or someone looking to become an Advocare distributor, you will quickly find out that Advocare actually encourages you to build your business offline.

Their success school is jam-packed with training on how to create your list of family members, friends, co-workers, etc and share the products and business opportunity with them through phone calls, house parties, and promoting the products every time you see one of them.

Let me tell you, this is a sure-fire way to not get invited to the family reunions and get-togethers.

These methods have been proven to work, but the success rate is very low, how low? about 3%

Yes that’s not a typo, 3% success rate, which means that 97% fail using these old school methodologies.

The main reason that the failure rate for marketing using these off-line methods is so high is because once you have run through your list of people you know, who to do you market to?

Where do you generate leads from in your local area once everyone has already turned you down?

This is where the internet comes in, your pool of potential leads instantly grown exponentially and you will be marketing to people who are looking for what you are selling.

To me, marketing online is the exact opposite of marketing off-line, with off-line marketing you are chasing leads while with online marketing, you put your opportunity out there for everyone to see and let the leads and customers chase you.

This is so much more powerful and will get you results quicker and more efficiently than any other form of marketing, but you will need to learn the most effective methods for how to sell Advocare online and how to position yourself in front of those looking for what you are selling.

For many people, the thought of getting started online is not only overwhelming but can be downright scary.

Don’t worry, just know that everyone who is currently selling Advocare online started right where you are right now.

How To Sell Advocare Online

It can take years for some people to crack the code and be successful online.

Honestly, you just have to have someone who has been there, someone who has already made all the mistakes and who is willing to take you by the hand and show you what works and what doesn’t, this is where I come in.

For instance, if you watched the video above you will see that I use many ways to sell Advocare online including:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)
  • Video Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Forum Marketing
  • and several others

I know this seems like it would take you months or even years to learn how to successfully market through all these channels.

Great news, you do not have to use all of these methods when you are first starting, and I will be posting a video training series right here on this blog that is going to make selling Advocare online point and click simple.

Here are some of the ways your can match your current skill set with some of the different ways to sell Advocare online.

If you love to write, learn how to blog or effectively do article marketing and dominate the search engines with your content.

If you love social media, Facebook is so hot right now for marketers, take your passion and make it profitable.

Love to chat and interact with others, forum marketing may be just for you.

If none of these sound appealing to you, use your webcam to create powerful Youtube videos which will build your credibility and help you sell Advocare online.

The choices are endless with the internet and the best part is, not only is online marketing fun and exciting but it will keep working for you while you are at work, asleep or just spending time with your family and friends.

This sounds so much better than cold calling, harassing friends and family, hosting home parties and mixers and prospecting everyone you come in contact with right?

Yes it does!! but if you like doing these things, that’s perfectly fine, keep doing them and use the internet as a secondary method for building your team and helping you sell Advocare products.

Sell Advocare

As an Advocare distributor you have the opportunity to earn income two ways:

  • You can earn money from your personal sales (retail or wholesale)
  • You can earn money by recruiting new distributors in the business under your and make commissions, over-rides and incentives based of their performance.

While you will have the ability to generate a massive income just from your personal sales volume, the way that the top earners in the company have got to where they are is through the efforts of their team of distributors.

This means that your team members will also be earning money for your round the clock, when they make a sale they will be rewarded and so will you.

Leveraging the time and efforts of others is what makes network marketing so powerful.

With other online marketing methods such as affiliate marketing, your earning potential is based solely off your efforts, in network marketing, you have the opportunity to earn life changing amounts of money when you combine your efforts with all those who you have aligned yourself with.

One or two good recruits could be the difference in you working that 9-5 job or having the time freedom to work your business and live the life you joined Advocare to live.

Think about the person I joined under, never met her before, actually she only tried to contact me once after I signed up and now that I am the top producing distributor in her team, she calls me almost everyday to tell me what a good job I am doing (ie thank me for making her so much money).

how to sell advocare online

How To Sell Advocare Successfully

Before I close out this post I want to leave you with a list of how to sell Advocare online do’s and do not’s.

Do Not’s

  • Do not use the word Advocare in the url of your blog or website, Advocare has many trademarked terms and using these in your website’s url is not misleading, illegal but is a violation of Advocare distributor’s terms of service and can get your distributorship terminated.
  • Do not sell Advocare products on auction sites like eBay or any other site like Amazon or Craigslist.
  • Do not lie or mis-represent the products or business opportunity, be honest and provide the most useful content you can.
  • Do not use images you stole from Google images on your blog, you must have the rights to use any image on your personal websites, you can however use images from the Advocare site.
  • Do not make any false claims about Advocare products or say anything that is not backed up by facts.
  • Do not copy or steal someone else’s content, be original and write your own content or outsource it to someone else.


  • Learn how to effective market and sell Advocare online.
  • Set up your own blog and talk about everything you love about Advocare.
  • Ask questions.
  • Get the tools that are going to make your life so much easier as an online marketer.
  • Collect names and email addresses and build your list from the start.
  • Align yourself with a sponsor who will teach you everything you need to know to be successful and will help you grow your business.
  • Have fun
  • Generating leads in the lifeblood of your Advocare business, you must learn how to do this as well as how to convert these leads into buyers.
  • Did I mention, have fun!!

I hope you found this post helpful, if you have any questions about how to market and sell Advocare online, please leave me a comment below or contact me directly and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay turned for much more training on how to sell Advocare and build your Advocare business.

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I find this product to be very interesting and the potential opportunity for income wide open. What have you found to be the biggest challenge in selling this product and how long have you been promoting this product? With the many ideas for marketing this product, is there the possibility for there to be too many competitors in the market?

I’m really interested in this product, after reading and watching the videos. I’m thinking that blogging about this product is the direction I’d want to go.



Hello and thanks for comment

I have been selling Advocare products for about a year now.

The biggest challenge in selling Advocare in my opinion is brand recognition, a lot of people have not heard of Advocare or have only heard of the business side.

Yes there are a lot of competitors for Advocare, other Advocare distributors, eBay, Amazon, and competing brands, the health and wellness niche is exploding as people in general are shifting to living healthier lifestyes, but no I do not feel that there are ever too many competitors.

Say for instance there are 1,000 Advocare distributors (I know there are a lot more, just an example) who market Advocare online, I feel that 90% or more of them do not know how to effectively market Advocare online, so really I am only competing against the 10% who have a grasp on internet marketing.

This site will teach you the most effective ways to market Adovcare or any product you want online.

Yes blogging is by far my favorite marketing method and one I highly recommend.



I am own a venture to start as a Advocare distributor and would like to know the best websites to start a blog to advertise the product. I also would like to know helpful tips to start my own website and make it a reputable way to bring in sales.



I think starting your own Wordpress blog is the best way to go, pick a domain, get hosting and install wordpress. You will have the most control over your site appearance and content.

Thanks and stayed tuned for many marketing tips coming soon


Lisa Jones

Hey Justin,

I would love some advice on how to market advocare online. I work a fulltime job and am rarely communicating with a bunch of people as my job is somewhat reclusive. I am sure you are busy but if you could give me some recommendations of where to start i would appreciate it. I did get a domain from godaddy but it doesn’t have anything advo in the domain name.




The secret with marketing online, whether Advocare or anything else in my opinion is to find a specific group of people who are looking for what you are selling, find out where they hang out and focus your marketing efforts there. I built this site to attract people from the search engines but I focus most of my efforts marketing on social media, facebook, youtube, piterest etc.

My advice would be to pick a product or small group of similar products and focus your efforts on them, once you are seeing positive results from them, add a few new ones, rinse and repeat and before you know it you will be marketing the entire product line.

Good Luck



Yes I have a question you mentioned in the site not to have advocare in your URL



Yes that is correct, you cannot have any of advocare’s trademarked terms in your url. They own those terms and protect them by not allowing others to use them.

For instance you could not own or but you could legally own urls such as or



Amy Cuthbertson

Hi Justin – I have a blog and would love more information on how to get people funneled to my site. How do I get my target demo to my site via the search engines?



Hello Amy,

I am working on a complete Advocare distributor training series which will cover traffic generation and search engine optimization.

If you have any specific questions please shoot me an email through the contact page.




Found your website through google. I have enjoyed reading through your blog. Thinking of signing up as a distributor as I have tried several Advo prouducts and have enjoyed them all.

Are you aval. to questions/support if I were to sign up under you as a distributor?




Hey Melissa

Thanks for your question.

Yes I am always open for any support that you need.

My team members have access to me through phone, email, Skype, Facebook, chat and video conference.

Feel free to ask any additional questions that you have.

Thanks again



This Advocare is really fascinating, You are an overly professional blogger.

I have joined your feed and sit up for searching for extra of your excellent post.
Additionally, I’ve shared your site in my social networks



You are too kind!!



Morgan Cole

I’ve read that you can’t sell on Amazon or eBay. Are we allowed to use those sites to drive traffic to our personal site store?



I assume that you mean to have a link in your listing or classified ad that goes to your Advocare store.

I would not, this in my opinion is also a violation because in the TOS it clearly states that eBay, Amazon or similar sites like these are strictly prohibited for marketing Advocare products on.

Even if this is not clearly stated this way in the TOS it is implied that it is not allowed.

There are a lot who sell on these sites or get someone who is not affiliated with Advocare to do it for them.

They are all just waiting to get caught, and when they do they will be kicked out of Advocare.

Hope this helps




great blog! How have you set up your SEO on your site? Is there a gouge you have used or have your own methods you have done? Just wondering you have high rankings. Be blessed. Darren




SEO is something I am constantly studying and increasing my understanding of. I just began really taking SEO seriously and have already invested hundreads of hours learning.

For the last couple of months I have become a student of SEO and now at a point where I am beginning to implement what I have learned, so while my rankings are descent at this point, I expect them to improve dramatically over the next several months.

Thanks and have a blessed day


Dave Boswell

Hello Justin,
I can’t find a confirmation email, and I want to sign up. I’ve tried several times and have checked all folders!



Hey Dave

Not sure why it didn’t show up, you have checked your spam folder right?

I went in and manually added your email address to my auto responder and it still says that it is pending confirmation, I do not know any way around the confirmation process, perhaps if it is not in your spam/junk folder, you could try an alternate email address.

Sorry for trouble



I am also a new distributor for Advocare. I have exhausted all my warm leads.My problem is Im not really fimilar with the online sales or blogging. I could use some help.



Hey Kim,

Yes this is common for a lot of people and the main problem with network marketing, what the heck do you do when you run out of people to share your business with. This is where online marketing comes in, not familiar, no worries, its not hard at all, frustrating at time, yeah a little at first but the process is actually very simple.

The only thing that you will need to be successful at marketing Advocare online is the ability to be coachable and consistent.

You do not have to be some New York Times best selling author to be a huge success with blogging, you just have to be you and accept that fact that not everyone is going to like what you have to say or how you say it.

I offer a free distributor bootcamp which will teach you the basics of marketing online, I will also have more advanced training coming soon for those who have completed the bootcamp.

By the end of the basic training series you will have a high powered, search engine optimized blog up and running on the internet and will be using the power of social media to attract new targeted leads into your business each and every day.

Sign up and try it out, its free, you really have nothing to lose.

Plus you get access to me, I don’t just put a couple training videos out there then wish you the best, I encourage you to ask questions and let me help you every step of the way.

Hope to see you on the inside. Just enter your best email in the red box at the bottom of the post and click sign me up, follow the instructions from there.



Rob Gilchrist

I am a brand new distributor for Advocare I don’t ever use social media and have no experience with any of this at all. I am a high school Physical Education teacher that has a wife and two boys and I am trying to be successful with Advocare can you please help me get success.



Hey Rob,

While I do teach social media marketing, I think the best path to achieving success with Advocare is through a complete online marketing campaign that starts with your own personal blog, once you have your blog in place, additions like social media, video, email and article marketing will increase the reach of your message and ultimately drive more traffic to your blog which will drive more traffic to your Advocare microsite, = more sales and signups.

The key with marketing online is to attract free leads and sales into your business, I show you how to do this in my Advocare Distributor Bootcamp training series, you should start there.

Let me know if I can help.



Hi! When you say use target words, do you mean words that are just written in your blog posts?



Yes, target words are the same as keywords, or the phrase that you type in search engines when performing a search.

I focus my content around these words so that my listing comes up first in the results.




Thanks for one’s marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it,
you’re a great author. I will always bookmark your blog and will
often come back later in life. I want to encourage continue your great posts, have a nice weekend!


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